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Friday, 6 October 2017

Merkel the Mediocre Matron from the Uckermark

This is part of an interview, recorded before the German Federal elections by the best Alternative News Site in France, TV Libertés.

Merkel hates everything about Germany and, seeing the company she keeps eg Adolf Erdogan, Barrack Obama, and even their more "vanilla" boy-successors like Macron and  Trudeau, (I'm not -necessarily - alluding to her possibly "erotic fantasies"),  I am convinced  she would just HATE to hear the German National Anthem, and so here we go:

PS: When I get around to it, I will sub-title this version, but meanwhile I can tell you already, there is nothing bad in this AfD version of the German National Anthem. 

PS: while I did not fully agree with Tatjana Festerling's analysis of the AfD, she was right about the enemy within; meanwhile we have found the snake in the not all that high grass,  her name is Petry

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