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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Jihad that kills, the Racism that slaughters

In this post I bring you a video which I consider one of the most astonishing insights into Islamic Terrorism and the motivation of Muslims who will kill for it.  Aldo Sterone is an Algerian Blogger and book author who now lives in the UK. He is one of the most passionate and articulate communicators I know of on the net.

He recorded this impromptu video 2 days after the day, when an illegal "migrant" massacred those two beautiful young girls at a Railway Station in Marseille, France.

Mauranne and Laura
randomly slaughtered at the Marseille Gare de Saint Charles
on Sunday, the 1st October 2017
by the  Islamic terrorist, 
Ahmed Hanachi who had lived illegally in France 

The Aldo Sterone video is some 40 minutes long, for many perhaps too long for one sitting, so I divided it into 3 parts. (I post the link to the entire subtitled video below). In it you will hear from a true insider what makes a Jihadist and what motivates them.  Don't miss it !

Part 1

"...The dividing line between "moderate" Islam and Islam that slaughters is very thin, instructions for both are found in the same book..."

"...your islamists frighten the Algerian islamists, they'd even frighten the Saudi islamists... you have the truly mad dogs and the mentally ill ones in France because there they are out of control. .."

Part 2

Sex and Punishment in Islam

Part 3

The Jihad that kills  and the  Racism that slaughters

How did the French media cover this islamic terrorist attack?... ...Just as they do usually: Don't mention the "I" word and euphemise, euphemise, euphemise ! 

TV Libertés is my French TV Station of choice - among their excellent programs they offer  a little fortnightly pearl, called "I-Media", a program that looks at the French Media with a surgical eye. Here is an excerpt from their October 4th program which they introduced like this: 

Terrorist attack in Marseille, the taboo words of the media. 

On Sunday, 1 October the illegal migrant,  Ahmed Hanachi slaughters 2 young women, Mauranne and Laura, at the Gare Saint Charles in Marseille. For the media, some words will become taboo: slaughter, illegal, and even terrorist. The goal? to water down reality by not mentioning the elements essential to  information.

Writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.

...so would be playing music after this

P.S.: See also the treatment that Gates of Vienna gave this subject. It's always also very interesting to see the comments at that important site. 


  1. That was incredible. I mean, amazing (since I suppose 'incredible' could be misconstrued, taking the French cognate into account - I know the "false friends" can be tricky, and that video has me thinking about the French language now - not in it, because I never learned it well.)

  2. With respect to Adorno and to you...(but, no music?) How about this? The great Michael Rother's "Flammende Herzen" (1977). Sublime and 'insightful'.