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Sunday, 18 October 2015

About Cowards, Virgins and Israel

1. About Cowards

I don't know this blogger, have never seen him before, came across this little video on a French Site, when I had some time to kill. 

"How quaint" I thought at first, but, after watching the video a second time,  his way of telling it how it is to these cowards who call themselves "Palestinians" and "Pro-Palestinians"  grew on me and I now think he  packs a punch despite his  apparent laid-backness.  

Enjoy it, or not ;) 

2. About Sex(ism) in Islam

Small correction of the good Doctor's numbers:  the promise is not 77 virgins, only 72 as this Palestinian "Cleric" assures his clients: 

This mother below obviously  believes him and seems to be  (among other things)  just as "racist" as her Allah who specifies  "DARK-eyed" virgins. What about BLUE-eyed blondes? 

Okay, so we might think that this woman's rather low  IQ might be the exception: think again: 

3. About Israel

Serge Gainsbourg wrote this song about "defending the Sand of Israel" during the six-day war in the night of 6 to 7th June 1967.

Photo by Rita
Serge Gainsbourg is buried at Montparnasse.
The cabbages are there because "he had cauliflower ears"


  1. Loved the Doc Brown video, I think that's his name. His mellow delivery is great. I watched a number of his videos on Obama. He makes some outrageous comments but they ring true. Thank you.

    1. I think he also calls himself: "The Doctor Of Common Sense". :)