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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Syrian Rebels are ISIS (Aldo Sterone)

The born Algerian, Aldo Sterone, is a man I listen to.

In this video he spells it out:  "France is one of the sponsors of ISIS, just like Obama's USA and  Saudi Arabia who complained to the UN security council ( yes you read correctly: "Saudi Arabia complained to the UN security council" LOL) about the bombing of  ISIS  by Russia and they want the UN to stop Putin doing that, TOUT DE SUITE ! ....  irony on steroids. 

The video is relatively long but, if you are time pressed you can find the core message starting just under 8 minutes into the tape: 

07:58: ...The “rebel” does not exist. I tell you where he is:

08:02:   the “rebel” exists only in one place: he exists in the receipts

08:06:   which ISIS issues against the delivery of arms

08:10:   and the money they receive. When states like France

08:14:   the US and the UK furnish

08:18:   arms to the terrorists, these terrorists will of course not

08:22:   sign “Daesh” on the receipt.

08:26:   They will not sign “ISIS”, because that’s not very …

08:30:   it would be like signing with a swastika.

08:35:   So what happens is: the “rebels”

08:39:   who are really ISIS sign “Rebel”

08:43:   or any kind of name, a mixture of politics and religion,

08:47:   and then they take the arms and the money and go back to their camp, that is, ISIS.


09:03:   they ‘were’ ISIS from the start. They came

09:07:   to take delivery of arms, they signed in some way and then

09:12:   they returned to their camp: ISIS. From the start they (Syrian Rebels) were ISIS.

Thank you to to Gates of Vienna (where you can find the whole transcript) and to Vladtepes for the subtitling.

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