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Monday, 5 October 2015

Andrew Bolt the boy from that Dutch Legend?

Andrew Bolt reminds me of the Dutch Legend which has it that there once was a small boy who upon passing a dyke on his way to school noticed a slight leak as the sea trickled in through a small hole. Despite knowing that he would be in trouble if he were to be late for school, the boy stopped to poke his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water. Some time later a passerby saw him and went to get help. This came in the form of other men who were able to effect repairs on the dyke and seal up the leak. 

Andrew Bolt, also of Dutch extraction,  is in my opinion  the most courageous conservative  political commentator in Australia. Last Sunday, in his Bolt Report Editorial, while  most politicians and and the commentariat were still falling over themselves, desperately avoiding  the "M"(uslim) word and the "I"(slam) word, and were (at best) just slowly coming out of their Kamasutra-like Bretzel positions by changeing their vocabulary from "politically motivated incident" to "it could have been terrorism related", Andrew Bolt went straight in: guts,  boots and all: 

h/t to Vlad

"La Verité" 

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