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Friday, 9 October 2015

German Police: "ENOUGH ALREADY" !

H/T to Vlad Tepes for this TV Interview with the chief of the German police union.

Happy now, Angela Merkel ? !

Was neglecting your first duty, i.e. to protect your German  people, worth your beady eyed,  megalomaniac ambition to get  the Peace Nobel Prize? Although the "Nobel"  has recently lost much of its former prestige because of its partisan political nature, I'm still glad you didn't get it. 

But - if now even  Germany's best and bravest, the most stoic police force anywhere, are starting to speak out - will you add them to the targets of your public contempt in which you hold honest, middle-of-the-road German burgers because they have been sounding  the alarm bell for a long while now like PEGIDA

Yes, Mrs. Merkel, I too signed the petition that asks for your resignation. 

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