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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Little Children of "Palestine"

Looking in on Col. Richard Kemp's Twitter account this morning (yes, Virginia,  there are Heroes on Twitter), I found this illustration, proving the truism of the saying "History will always repeat itself" (or words to that effect). 

Fanatic Arabs massacre Jews in the streets of Jerusalem

This  was followed by a seemingly rhetorical question from  Martin Dunn, addressed to Col. Richard Kemp:

"Indoctrinated 4yr old Palestinian girl says "I want to stab a Jew" Will media condemn or even report?"

Col. Richard Kemp answered:

"No they won't".

Here is what this exchange was about:

Published on Oct 20, 2015 by MEMRI, their introduction reads:  

"A video recently posted on Face book shows a little girl, called Rahf, holding a large knife and declaring: "I want to stab a Jew." Her father, Abdulhaleem Abuesha, a teacher in the Madaba refugee camp in Jordan, encourages her, saying: "Oh, you're so strong!" The video was posted on Abuesha's Face book account on October 16. His account also features a picture of a little boy – presumably his son - holding a large knife and smiling at the camera."


  1. "I want to stab a Jew". What kind of a future can that poor child have? Truly a sickening image.

    1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BsXdkhxCcAAElyp.jpg