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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hitler's Laws re-introduced in Germany

I am not a historian but I think that under Nazism the requisition of private homes was in fashion. Then, I think, it was mainly the homes of  Jews that were confiscated (stolen) to make "Lebensraum"  for Nazis. Now the same thing is starting to happen again, this time to  Germans, in order to make place  for the new protégés of Angela Merkel, mostly Arabic/Muslim invaders, euphemistically referred to as "Syrian Refugees". 

"born-again Nazism"? 

I have read and reported of Germans thrown out of state-owned housing to make place for "Merkel's protégés". Gabrielle Keller (photo) is the second woman to be "moved" (re-moved?)  following the case of Bettina Halbey, a 51-year-old nurse who was shifted from her home in Nieheim in the country’s north. Vlad Tepes reported on both cases.

 Gabrielle Keller, evicted from her home of 16 years by local authorities in the small town of Eschbach in order to make room for migrants

Earlier this month, Breitbart reported:
"Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law allowing the state to seize empty commercial properties for reuse as emergency migrant accommodation. The move comes as more violence is reported in refugee centres across the country."

"Seizing empty commercial properties" was bad enough, but the following article is even more alarming. I found it on the French online magazine MEDIAS PRESSE-INFO and their headline which shocked me into translating the article reads: 

"Hambourg adopte discrètement une loi permettant de réquisitionner des propriétés privées pour loger les immigrés illégaux"
Hamburg discreetly passes legislation allowing the requisition of private property to house illegal immigrants

In Germany, more and more people are becoming victims of coercive measures by the state to welcome illegal immigrants (in New Speak: "refugees").

In Hamburg, on the 2.10.2015, the Senate adopted  very discreetly an "Act for hosting refugees in institutions" on The term is deliberately misleading, because these "institutions" are not limited to  'asylum seeker homes', but also concern private properties! 

Under this new legislation, the residents  of Hamburg may be forced to welcome immigrants in their own homes for an indefinite period.  

The Hamburg 'authorities' thus give themselves  the legal possibility to requisition private properties for their policy of welcoming immigrants. All this, moreover, is justified as ensuring "order and public security"!  

This new legislation is equivalent to a possible forced abolition of  [the right to] private property.  

Have you heard about these such coercive measures in mainstream media? Of course not. On must not awake consciences or stir up the anger of many citizens."

The French article included a copy of this discreetly sneaked-in law in its original language. I translated only the parts that I think are relevant, and translated them with all the limitations of someone who gets frustrated at the mere sight of obscurantist legalese.

on accommodation of refugees in facilities
2nd October 2015

The Senate announces the following law granted by the Citizenship Act: 

The law for the protection of public safety and order dated 14 March 1966, last amended on 28 January 2014 (HmbGVBI), is amended as follows:
1. In the table of contents the following entry is inserted after the entry relating to paragraph 14:
'Paragraph 14a: Taking possession of private land and buildings or parts thereof for refugee accommodation "


(1) The relevant authority may , for the purpose of accommodating refugees or asylum seekers, and protect them from dangers to life and limb, requisition (take possession of) land and buildings or parts thereof.
Requisition shall be admissible only if:

1. the land, building or part of it is unused; the non-use is equal to a usage that is exclusively or predominantly intended to prevent such a requisition pursuant to (1) .....(*)

(*) I read that to mean that the relevant Nazis  Authorities can decide if  your children/grandmother/auntie sleep in that room  mainly  so that you can avoid having to  take in Angela Merkel's protégés. 

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  1. Under Sharia, non-Muslims must let Muslims stay in their homes if a Muslim, especially a soldier in the Hijrah, demands to. Also, they must feed them, and let them do as they wish in their homes, for as long as the Muslims like. (And take their homes over if they wish to, and they do wish to.) It's in the Pact of Umar, dhimmi contract.