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Friday, 1 December 2017

Antisemitism vs "Islamophobia" in Germany

At last someone is really lifting the burka on that overused propaganda term "Islamophobia". 

Wikipedia presents the speaker in the video  like this: 

"Henryk Marcin Broder is a, Polish-born German journalist, book author and TV personality. Broder is known for polemics, columns and comments in written and audiovisual media."

I find him one of the most brilliant, witty and courageous commentators in today's Germany. He is Jewish. 

I cannot find the provenance of this video which seems to be the Question and Answer session of a forum,  but think that however "old" it is, it remains valid today and like so many things, Henryk Broder says, it is  quite timeless. 

This video seems to have been recorded before 2015 when Angela Merkel, without the approval of the German Bundestag, let alone the German people, and against German and European laws, opened the borders for millions of  mainly male muslims to flood Europe in general with Germany  the most desired destination.  Was she applying for the position of a "born-again mother Theresa"? We will not know the truth while former Stasi members are in power in Germany. 

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