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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Germany: Christmas VERBOTEN !

I don't know if it was President Donald Trump's embrace of it  that gave Twitter more prestige than it sometimes deserves, but lately you do meet people of the highest calibre there. Since my heroes these days come mostly from the conservative side, they have probably joined the so-called "social media", because the  4th-Estate-turned-5th-Column,  refuses people who might be  slightly to the 'right' of Antifa any platform at all. Two former members of the Christian Democrats (Merkel's Party) who resigned from the parliament once  Merkel had irredeemably destroyed the once proudly conservative CDU are what I referred to above as "high calibre": They are Erica Steinbach and Alexander Gauland, the co-founder of the AfD. 

Erica Steinbach quotes Alexander Gauland in this twitter post: 

...she  sounds the alarm...

"The submission [ed. to Islam]  progresses at a terrifying speed"

...and posts a commentary from Alexander Gauland which I translate here:

Out of  consideration  for a Muslim schoolgirl: No Christmas party  for ANYONE ! 

"The Islamization of our society is now even moving into German schools, and the fact that the Lüneburg Gymnasium voluntarily gives in to the complaint of a Muslim student and renounces this year's Christmas party for all students represents a voluntary submission to Islam and is unbearable.

If this Muslim student cannot live with Christian Christmas carols, then she should choose a cultural circle, where she is not bothered with that but not  impose her will on everyone in her environment.

The fact that the school council of the Lüneburg Gymnasium in a  completely misplaced consideration of this Muslima even agrees with her,  is  a sad self-denial and a cowardly injustice towards all other children.

If other schools follow this sad example, we soon will not need to celebrate Christmas any more at all."

And this is what Alexander Gauland was talking about: 

Click cc for English captions

Groundhog Day: 

The so-called "representatives of the Muslims" are worried: not because they might have  finally realised what they are doing ie  invade Judeo-Christian traditions older than their so-called "prophet's" devastating passage on earth, but because their bullying could reflect badly on their reputation.....that much whined about "backlash", that  - like the rain in the desert -  never comes.......unfortunatly !  

Some "house keeping" comments on the video above: 

Unfortunately my usual sub-titling system is not working at the moment and my technical helper is not available for the time being. So I have tried as best as I could to subtitle this video. You will have to click on the "cc" button (perhaps even twice) to see the less than brilliant subtitles. Technically I am not so much a "Zero" as I am a "Minus", but I hope that things will improve. Or, perhaps, I will just have to learn..... Meanwhile, for the duration until I learn how to do it properly or find some other geek-help,  the modus operandi just has to be: "near enough is good enough" and will have to do. 

Advent, Advent,

ein Lichtlein brennt.

Erst ein, dann zwei,

dann drei, dann vier,

dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür...

...Einige Kinder ergänzen:

Und wenn die fünfte Kerze brennt,

dann hast du Weihnachten verpennt!

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