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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Germany: On unlimited Family Reunions and Slavemarkets

Here below is the letterhead (if that is the word) for the Internet site of Dr. Nicolaus Fest, Spokesman for the Alternative for Germany in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. There are quite a number of AfD members who impress me, Nicolaus Fest belongs to them. On his site he presents himself, without false modesty as 

Clear,  Courageous,  Civil. 
For Berlin. For Germany.

and clear, courageous and "bürgerlich" (*) is how I would describe his videos. I very much like his nearly laconic yet take-no-prisoner style and am surprised that, in the present  Stasi-Spangled, censorious Germany he gets away with some of the truths he tells. 

In this video Dr. Fest reacts to the plan of Merkel and whoever will form the next government  with her (probably the Socialists)  for family-reunions without upper limit on top of the disastrous uncontrolled borders policy "this 2nd worst chancellor in Germany's history" as some  call her,  has inaugurated in September 2015. 

(*) The translation of "bürgerlich" into "civil" does not do the word justice. If "bourgeois" would not have been poisoned  with such a negative connotation, that's how I would translate "bürgerlich". 

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