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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Merkel & Macron's Coup de Grace for Germany

"And so it starts: at the EU-Africa summit Merkel decides relocation from Libya..."

...writes Tino Perlick from Compact Online in an article published on 30. November 2017

"Alarm: Has Germany's fate just been sealed on the Ivory Coast? The large resettlement policy had been announced in the CDU election program. At the summit in Abidjan Merkel  apparently made short shrift of it.

The initial laughter when reading these lines quickly gets stuck in your throat. Welt Online writes today under the heading of Merkel's spontaneous refugee deal for Libya:

"Shocked by a TV report on slave trafficking in migrants, Europeans and Africans decide on an action plan. In charge: the Chancellor and French President Emmanuel Macron."

"Slave trade? Yes exactly! About a week ago, the US (fake) news channel CNN  (*) published a mobile video purportedly showing a "slave auction" in Libya. Anyone who has debts to smugglers is apparently being auctioned there. The Chancellor is of course shocked!

"This topic is now playing a major role here on the African continent (...), because there are reports that young African men are being sold as slaves in Libya," Chancellor Angela Merkel said. (...)

The host, Côte d'Ivoire's President Alassane Ouattara said that more needed to be done. The reports reminded one of the worst hours of humanity. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced more European aid for Africa. (...)

The subject of slave trade is of great emotional importance to Africans, Merkel said. "This results in a shared interest in ending illegal migration." Legal opportunities must be created for Africans to get an education or study in the EU . (my bolds)

COMPACT reported in August that Merkel was planning a permanent resettlement or "resettlement for especially vulnerable people", including from Libya. It was also noted in the CDU government program that "resettlement and relocation" of migrants was part of the CDU's "humanitarian commitment" for the next 4 years.

Under Merkel and Macron's leadership, Europe has now apparently tied down the refugee pact with Libya.

A so-called action plan is said to have been worked out in a meeting that, according to Welt.de, "does not appear in any official time schedule [...] and was not even planned by the Chancellery in advance: the meeting will last only an hour or so and could have consequences that go far beyond the actual summit decisions. "

Typical for Merkel - even while she is now only  acting in the office (of chancellor), she tries to inflict maximum damage.


The plan, broadly confirmed by German government circles , looks like this:

The government in Libya grants international organizations access to all camps - currently this is not possible. There, employees of the UN Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are to determine by questioning and checking who is a political refugee and who has left their home for economic reasons.

The UN Refugee Agency and IOM are transnational institutions for People Replacements. In a propaganda film, made in May 2017,  the IOM promotes mass migration of 240 million people. This, they assert, was "inevitable", "necessary" and "desirable"!

Not for a second, should anyone believe that these organizations are about containing flight movements.


Those accepted as refugees will first be flown from Libya to neighbouring Chad or Niger, to be taken from there in a "settlement procedure" to European or non-European countries "that are ready to receive them", as is stated in Welt.de

Germany, of course, will play her part at the very front. After all, the Federal Foreign Office recently criticized the situation in Libyan refugee camps as "concentration camp-like conditions". We have to help, even if it kills us.

Ever since Islamists, under the protection of NATO , pushed a bayonet in the behind of Gaddafi, Libya has been the failed state par excellence - a gathering place for terrorists and warlords. We will soon pay the ticket to Europe for  those among them who are not acting too stupidly. " 


So far  the article from Compact, a German conservative political Magazin I highly recommend. They do have the finger on the real pulse, love Germany and are not afraid to tell the truth. This is an unpaid advertisment for a battling German non-fake-news-magazin to which I have a paid subscription.

(*) And here a little speculative reflection regarding the timing of that soi-disant CNN documentary on Slavery in Lybia: 

*thinking aloud method on*

I have seen a French documentary (from an alternative news site, the link to which I cannot find at the moment unfortunately) which already reported on this Lybian Slave Trade many months ago. It was not taken up by the main media. 

Although I have no confidence at all in the "news reporting" from CNN, I have no proof to discredit their "documentary on slave trade in Lybia", but I feel strongly compelled to question  the TIMING of its release: Was it "preparing" the way for Merkel and Macron to give the coup de grace to Europe? Did last Friday's "private and secret-until-it-was-leaked" visit of Obama to Macron have anything to do with it? .... 

After such, purely speculative reflections, should I now cover my head with an tinfoil hat ? 

*thinking aloud method off*

"Acting" German Chancellor Angela Merkel schmusing Africa and putting Germany up for Sale

What song to play after that ?!  This one is schmaltzy, the illustrations are on the corny side and its relevance to the story above is not even tangential...."So why play it" you ask? Because I  love it and I can :) ;)



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