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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Well then: Prosit Neujahr

Happy New Year

May the best of 2017 be the worst you can expect for 2018

I will fill this New Years Stocking with more items I come across as I  stroll into 2018. But, in the beginning was Merkel the, arguably, 2nd worst Chancellor of Germany. Here is part of her New Years Address from last year, I had a glimpse at this year's edition, and certainly will have to wait for a comic's take on it as I do not want to inflict the "real" one on anybody. I'd place it  between "Yaaawwwwn" and "Arrrrrggggggghhhhhh". 

Update 1

The ever suave Red Pill Germany recorded a Post Mortem on the New Years Eve "festivities" which is, hopefully, too subtle in its irony for attracting the attention of Germany's Stasi Mafia: 

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