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Monday, 18 December 2017

Fighting the invasion at the Gates of Vienna ? Again ?

I borrowed this picture from the site of  Gates of Vienna 

History might not repeat itself, but it often rhymes, as the man said. Will this be the modern version of  the 1683 Battle, when Islam was at the Gates of Vienna? 

Can the new Austrian government under the  dashing young chancellor Sebastian Kurz, fight back this new invasion of  Mohammedans? Well, there seems to be a fresh wind blowing from the Kahlenberg (also known as Leopoldsberg) , which brings with it quite some optimism and which will hopefully clear away  the stench hat has been hanging  over Europe's political scene for too long. 

Shall we dance ? ;) 

Vienna Philharmonic, New Year Concert - 2014 

Johann Strauss - Tales from the Vienna Woods 

Counductor - Daniel Baremboin

Zither Solo played by Wilfried Sharf

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