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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Why Antifa burned down the car of Martin Sellner

Martin Sellner, the  leader of the Austrian "Identitaires" has my respect and yes, even admiration. Like many  honourable and courageous Resistants, Patriots and Conservatives,  he has attracted  sooooo much defamatory bile (from the Media), bans (from You Tube, Face Book, Twitter, PayPal and even the newly virtue-signalling Banks, who think that their hypocrisy is not transparent) and violence (from the "Antifa" abetted by corrupt politicians on the Left - yes looking at the fake "Conservative" Merkel et al)  that a lesser character would have given up long ago. 

Martin Sellner  has not. 

He shows his face. He fights on. (As do many of the maligned Identitaires - young French, Germans, Italians who have a much larger junk of life in front  that is sold out from under them, then some of us might have).

I think at this moment  he needs (and deserves) our help, however we can help for Evil not to win:  financially - I think even small amounts will do -  or by spreading his videos.

"Antifa", the real reincarnation of the old Nazi-Fascists (*) who used  psychological transference (**) when (perhaps self-delusionally) naming their violent  group,  do hide their faces, and that should tell you enough...




In Australia we are now already a fair way into New Years Eve. In France, from past experience, I would say that the euphemistically referred to as "Youth", ie the North African, sub-Saharan, islamists and their brothers in violence,  the Antifa, are even now preparing to burn down 1000 + cars in Paris, Lyon, Marseilles etc. as they have done on New Years Eve for quite a few years now. 

I hope that the burning of Martin Sellner's car is not a sign that the nasty fires have spread to Vienna. 

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