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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Defaming Poland

The  videos of this kind   would disappear before we could even have a glimpse at them,  if it was not for relentless defenders of free speech like, for example, VladTepes, to whom I tip my hat for having saved this one:  

There is "ugly" and there is "nasty ugly". I often found men that others considered as "ugly" in a "the Beauty and the Beast" kind of way very attractive. But the former PM of Belgium who speaks at the beginning of this tape exudes one of the nastiest ugliness I have come across.  A nasty ugliness that appears  to come from his core. I will never forget the ugly, gargoyle-like  grimaces he pulled (as if his ugly face needed pulling)  each time Marine Le Pen spoke at the European Through for Parasites. Arrrrrrghhhhh....this guy makes me want to vomit: 

If you have the time, do help yourself  to a  cup of coffee or stronger and listen to this conversation between Vlad and the delightful defender of Poland.


I really don't know what Music I play here, but this "Mazourka" should do just fine.....it "feels" so very very polish

 And just for good measure:

Saluting Poland

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