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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A Warning from Germany, not a New Years Speech

I have seen Sven Liebich  self-identify as  "querulant" a bit like Socrates was happy with being called a Gadfly.  His videos are often very intriguing, sometimes seemingly "cheeky" on the surface, but  often cutting rather to the right bone. 

One of his recent "acts" was to take some goods to a charity, (camera in tow), where he insisted that his gifts should go to the German poor and he remained there, on the spot,  until he saw that they got into the hands of  the "right" people. This may seem nearly "racist" in times where this word is thrown around very fast, but he had a point: in Germany (and in France) the native poor   are coming "second" after the so-called "refugees" and illegal migrants who are much more fashionable among the  virtue-signalling PC brigade and trendies with direct access to the hapless Taxpayers' contributions. 

In this video, recorded on New Years Eve, Sven Liebich takes no prisoners, once again. He calls his speech: "Worte zum Kriegswinter 2017 - keine Neujahrsansprache"  - Words to the War-Winter 2017 - not a New Years Speech), and he calls on the German people to fight, as their time is running out. 

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