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Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Mass Brainwashing of Germany

I don't know for how long the Merkel Mafia can still  hide the nasty reality  from the tourists.  Overseas visitors still report glowingly from their travelling the  Romantische Straße, take selfies at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, drink  beer still brewed to the  Bavarian Rheinheitsgebot, served  by buxom German girls at the Octoberfest, and they assure us that they have seen nothing untoward, no Islamic invasion, no faux refugees, and that all that talk about gang rapes, knife attacks, slaughter of german girls is probably just right wing propaganda. 

Between the travel brochures and this video from Paul Joseph Watson, published on 15. January, 2018,  an informed observer will know  who of the both has looked more closely  at the dirt that  has been swept under the carpet by the unholy German  trinity: Government/Media/Judiciary: 

"...When the Stasi inflicted a reign of psychological  terror on the German People, they achieved it by a combination of relentless  propaganda and threats of arrest and internment for anyone who dared to speak out. 28 years after the fall of the Stasi, many Germans are now asking: "Has that much really changed? " 

And I fear, even this would  come too late now...

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