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Monday, 22 January 2018

Passport Germans who hate Germany and Germans

Here is a short extract from a long and fascinating Speech by AfD Member of Parliament, Albrecht Glaser, given in August 2017 in Frankfurt/Main during the election campaign.

In this extract the German/Turkish journalist, Deniz Yücel is quoted wishing for the death of Germans and Germany and suggesting to give his hated  host country to the Palestinians "or other needy people".

Yücel seems to be one of those typical cases where the 2nd and 3rd generation of migrants are actually more problematic then their parents. He was born in 1973, son of Turkish guest workers in Flörsheim on the Main and holds the German and Turkish Nationality.

Since the beginning of last year he  is sitting  in a Turkish prison as guest of Erdogan for "incitement to terrorism" (but not, of course, because of his obvious hatred for Germany; I daresay that this is something he might even have in common with Erdogan.) 

I dislike this Erdogan-with-Kalif-ambitions intensely and think that he is dangerous to a point where I give him the middle name of "Adolf", but accusing this passport German of incitement to hatred of a people - he might just have a point and might actually be doing Germany a favour, for the first time, because Yücel really does seem to be a 'piece of work'. 

They say, show me your friends and I show you who you are...or words to that effect. 

Well, when one of his close friends, another Turkish "German" with "migration background", Mely Kiyak, attacked Thilo Sarrazin, whose face is partly paralysed on the right side following the operation of a tumour, and described him after his appearance on TV as a "lisping, stuttering, twitching caricature of a human being" she harvested some animosity. Yücel sprang to her defence and wrote in his column that this description, while not funny, was perfectly usable and he added that one could only wish for Sarrazin, that "...his next stroke will do its work somewhat more thoroughly"

While Merkel and her Gang seemed desperate to have this guy back in Germany and  were joined by the lamenting hash-tag-send-him-back chorus of whining sheep, most of the decent German folk, the ones that Merkel once called "the Pack", were not all that keen to see this Germany-Hater back. 

This tweet below  is a finely ironic example of that "we-don't-want-him-back" feeling: 

This finely ironic tweet reads:
Germany-Hater Deniz Yücel is sitting in a Turkish jail for #inciting people to hate.
So, like Germany, #Turkey finally seems to be acting rigorously against such sedition. 

Bye Bye mein lieber Herr ...... 

Update 17 February 2018:

Thanks to the efforts of Merkel & Co, who seem to share the hatred of Germany with this "journalist", Deniz Yücel will, according to reports from Germany, soon be on the way back to his hated Germany. I will update, when the news is confirmed and more detailed. 


  1. My blogger friend in Jakarta has taken up this story and quoted your exposure of this aspect of the news.


    Very few English language media have told their readers what a terrible man Yucel is.