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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The German State mirrors Hitler's Lebensborn

"Goebbels hat seinen Meister gefunden. Goebbels war ein Waisenknabe gegenüber denen die heute am Werk sind..."

"Goebbels has found his masters Goebbels was an orphan compared to  those who are at work today"...  

...says German Author and Blogger, Oliver Janich. He is speaking of the  blatant indoctrination of children by German State Television,, in one of their Children-Programs!, in this case a nauseatingly romanticised love story between a young German girl and a young Arabic "Refugee".  Having met the young girl when she was 14 or 15 via "Refugee Welcome Sponsorship" the Arab Muslim  was then, allegedly 17,  and therefore  accepted by Merkel's Germany as a "CHILD refugee".

I will post here an article by PI-News Journalist, Michael Stürzenberger followed by a cris du coeur via video from Austrian Identitarian co-leader, Martin Sellner. Judge for yourself what "age" you give the "Child Refugee".  

And I will let you make up  your own mind, if we have here German-State-Sponsored Paedophilia, with an unhealthy dose of race-political engineering. 

How is the Merkel Government not mirroring Hitler's Lebensborn ?


The 24-minute film by KiKA titled "Look into my world! - Malvina, Diaa and Love "is a blatant advertising show for relationships between German girls and" refugees "from the Arab world.

The childrens'- and adolescents' channel of ARD / ZDF (Public TV) broadcast a slushy pseudo documentary on 26 November, where a Syrian Muslim from Aleppo turns the head of a 16-year-old naive, unsuspecting and "goodly" girl.

With cheesy music, romantic love letters and harmonious scenes, the GEZ media sends this completely irresponsible pimp show into the heads of young German girls.

16-year-old Malvina works as a volunteer in the "refugee" centres, as befits a politically correct German girl.

There she noticed the Syrian Diaa 17 months ago, who immediately showered her with compliments. She was only 15, maybe even 14 years old. The Muslim turned her head the next day with heart-warming love letters, which KIKA also portrays accordingly.

All the rules of art are used to stage a perfect world. One can imagine what this will trigger in young  girls, yearning for love,  in this country.

Malvina tells how her heart beats, how very much in love she is, how indescribable feelings she has, how many butterflies she has in her stomach and how she wants to be with him constantly. The noble Arab who carries his girlfriend everywhere, a true dream for every girl's heart:

By the way we hear  that the alleged Prince Charming has already asked whether she would like to cover herself with a  headscarf.

Also, she should no longer wear short dresses,  at most to the knee.

He also does not like her to  hug other men at all , and even wants to tell her whom she is allowed to talk to. 

And then he wants to marry her as soon as possible. He already teaches Arabic to her. And he has already asked her,  if she could imagine becoming a Muslim.

If KiKA had even a single spark of responsibility, a blunt explanation about the contempt for women in Islam would have to follow now. But far from it. The love story continues to be knitted nicely.

Diaa (*) is obviously a strict Muslim who says himself:

"I grew up in an Arab-Islamic culture. I believe in my culture and religion. Religion shows you the rules that you must adhere to, that is a principle to live. No religion, no rules, no life. " (my bolds)

Since KIKA fails to do so, we must now warn Malvina and all other German girls urgently, what they can expect if they get involved so that they do not soon experience a bitter awakening. Because the rules of Islam concerning women are hard as nails:

Once she is married to the Muslim, he stands above her. If he only fears her stubbornness, he must beat her (Sura 4, verse 34). Sexually, she must be willing to submit at all times (Sura 2, verse 223). And she should not even think about separation, because then she experience the same thing as Mia in Kandel. (Translator: Young 16 y.o. German girl slaughtered just last week by another so-called Afghan "Child Refugee" ) This image could very soon have a different meaning:

(*) His real name, it was found out, is actually : Mohammed Diayadi

The Syrian Muslim is against homosexuals. And this often causes a dispute says Milvana.

Milvana says that she is a convinced Christian (so far! ) and a woman's libber (so far ). But  usually she gives in during discussions, and then they would get along again. Sure, if she submits, everything will be fine, just like in the movie.

Diaa already had a relationship with a woman in Syria. How old he is, is not said in the film, but he should be well over 20. He is the strapping firstborn, who was sent by the family from Aleppo so that the entire clan can follow him, first the father and a sister ...

... and meanwhile the mother, two other brothers and one more sister followed him. So in total seven new Mohammedan citizens . The women, of course, all with headscarves.

In all their heads,   the Koran chip is ticking. One is getting ready to transform a Christian into a Muslim, and then the Muslim production starts. The older of the two brothers will soon go for  German girls. Maybe there is such a matchmaking meeting place as in Kandel [were the last German girl victim met her slaughterer], which was supported by the mayor and the Protestant pastor. The two sisters will  soon be married by the family boss according to his ideas - that is, to Muslims.

It does not take a math genius to imagine how quickly the Muslim majority will be  reached in the population, if the "refugee" invasion continues, and family reunification will also be carried out by the old treacherous parties.

Our country is moving fast towards an Islamic horror republic. TV Progras like these from KIKA support this development.

About the author of this article,  Michael Stürzenberger:

Readers of  Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and this blog know him as we have often reported how the German powers, including the Judiciary, hunt him in packs for his  Islam Criticism, which these days is practically "verboten" in Merkel's Germany. 

PI NEWS author Michael Stürzenberger has been a freelance journalist for 35 years, ia. until the end of 2008 for the Bayern-Journal on RTL and SAT.1-Bayern, when his boss Ralph Burkei became  the victim of an Islamic terrorist attack  in Mumbai . In 2003/2004 he worked as press spokesman for the CSU Munich with the daughter of  Franz Josef Strauss, Monika Hohlmeier. From 2014 to 2016 he was federal chairman of the party "Die Freiheit". His videos on Youtube so far have over 20 million hits. He can be reached via his Facebook page.

After this article above PI NEWS published a second article from Michael Stürzenberger, which cleared a few things up. It would make this post too long if I translated it here in Toto, but just this about the name:

"...Update: The Mohammedan is not called Diaa, as KIKA pretends, but Mohammed Diayadi. That sounds much more like the fundamental Islam that he has obviously internalised...."

And  this little paragraph  will clear up why,  among all the other things we also have obviously to do with state-sponsored paedophilia:

"...In the KIKA documentary Malvina reports that the Muslim wrote love letters to her  on the second day after meeting her. Then she was an innocent 14 y.o., while he was maybe 25, maybe even older. 18 cannot be correct in any case.

It is nothing new,  that adult Mohammedans lie when they arrive, saying they are underage so as to receive the full benefits from the state subsidy machinery...[...]...It is after all coranically correct to take from the unbelievers..." 

And here is the commentary by Martin Sellner, who is always worth listening to. 

Below, Martin Sellner posts his sources. I found that clicking on "pi-news" gets me a warning that "pi-news" is an unsafe site. It is, among Islam- and Merkel-critical sites the Big Bête Noire of the Stasi Mob in power, so I think it's just another political manipulation to silence critical voices. I have not had any problems with that hugely alternatively informative  site. 

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