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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Childabuse on Merkel's State Media ? (updated)

The original of the sub-titled video below was published on 12. January 2018, by Politikstube.de 

It could be parody/satire (*), but in view of Germany's State-encouraged propaganda for the Islamisation of their country, and in view of other manipulative programs for Children/Adolescents, even if it was Satire, to me it seems to be a quite pertinent reflection of Public Broadcasting in Merkel's Germany. 

Politikstube commented:

"Unglaublich was sich das Zwangsfernsehen leistet: „Ab heute nennen wir Gott Allah“

Uns fehlen die Worte, was man im Zwangsfernsehen alles unternimmt, die Islamisierung voranzutreiben. Gegenüber dem kritisierten KIKA Beitrag ist das der Gipfel. „Alle Kinder sind Moslems“ – „Es gibt keinen Gott außer Allah“

["Unbelievable what forced-on-us television allows itself: "From today we call God Allah".

The words fail us about what the "Forced-on-us-Television" does in order to advance the Islamisation. Compared to the KIKA contribution which was criticised, this one tops it:

"All children are Muslims"..."There is no god but Allah".]

(*) The video is neither parody nor satire, see update at end of post. 

Is this ^^^ a  German version of Palestinian Children TV ? All that is missing is the call to kill  Jews...

But there is hope.......and it seems to come from Persia ! 

"Make Persia Great again" 

found this gem here:


Someone with the name of  "Old white guy" commented

"And a child shall lead them"

A little afterthought from the department of "thinking-aloud": 

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” is a quote that has been attributed from Aristotle, to St. Francis and the Jesuits, even to Sigmund Freud. These attributions are not mutually exclusive, I think the idea is valid. 

Although, child abuse does come in many forms and is evolving/devolving, today the saying could be: "give me a German child to the age of 7 and I give you a Muslim(a)". Or even, in this age of bizarre gender-manipulations: "give me a boy until the age of 7 and I'll give you the girl"


And no, it was not satire! 

German State TV Series: "Lindenstraße" Episode 1084 "Islam"
Murat (Erkan Gündüz is surprised how much Lisa (Santje Peplow) is defending Islam

That little schmaltzy video was a scene from a German State TV series, broadcast in 2006, one year after Angela Merkel became chancellor, and when she was  still pretending to be for  Germany and a "Conservative".  Then she met Sorros,  Erdogan, Obama etc....and the rest, as they say, is history. The number of Muslims in Germany  then was around 3.3 million. While exact statistics today seem  unreliable, the estimate of over 1.5 million Muslims having arrived in Germany  since 2015 is said to be conservative. 

The series was called "Lindenstrasse" and the young woman who "converted" - or "reverted" as Muslims call it - played the role of a young mother, Lisa, engaged to a Turkish Muslim, Murat,  who was working very hard to earn the money for the wedding. I watched that episode and a few that followed, until I came close to a saccharine overdose. You got a taste of it in the video above. 

More information to "Lindenstraße" here

Update 2

Some Germans seem to have fallen for the manipulation in this series. Here is one sample of one such comment at VladTepesBlog

"...I’ve said this before: the Lindenstrasse clip with the mother and the child is actually CRITICIZING the conversion of the mother.

Watch the conversion scene from 1:34 on, listen to the creepy music, look at the child’s disturbed face.
I have checked back with friends who actually watched Lindenstrasse back then. They told me that as the series progresses, the Turkish character that this woman is going to marry talks her out of her fanatical nonsense.... "

My response:

In Answer to some who seem to “defend” this low-brow but extremely manipulative soap “Lindenstrasse” . 

I have been sitting through 8 or 9 episodes of “Lindenstrasse” last night – not very enjoyable. 

The scene depicted in the video is not so much “taken out of context” as it is the distillation of the main “message” from this TV series. The fleeting moment of the child’s frown is merely a subtle pretend criticism to better catch the “stupid German flies”. I actually ironised the Arabic “Shahada” in my translation, but translated the “serious” text faithfully. 

For those who are pressed for time the short version of the soap’s “message” obviously was: ...

...to paint the Muslims (in this case Turks) as the “moderates” and the “Germans” as the silly and/or fanatics. They obviously succeeded in this, reading  about the reaction of those who watched the soap “at the time”. 

Let me be a little more cynical, after sitting through this slush for a few hours:

Soap creators (in this case German State approved, probably even State employed people) are far less simplistic than their Target audience. The story line which for me crystallised from the 8 or 9 episodes I watched was: 

– German girl falls in love with (Turkish good Muslim).

- The child is not hers, so he “even” accepts to be a “dad”, how good is that!

- She reads up on Islam and, as Germans do, goes berserk ie “reverts” (converts), adheres to the strict rules of Ramadan and, what in 2006 was still on the “extreme” side, puts on the  islamic head scarf.

–  All the good Muslim boyfriend does is:

work work work to save enough money for their wedding.

Complies but timidly complains about her strict rules of fasting during Ramadan. (He is oh-so cute when he sneaks into the fridge to stuff his face during the official "fast" and she, the “authoritarian” GERMAN-turned-muslima catches him.)

When she decides to “wear the head scarf”, he tries to dissuade her – first softly, then with his own “muslim victimoid” anecdotes:

He tells her how, “looking Turkish” (which he does not too much really) in the Tramway, a woman “this very morning” moved away from him and his big bag filled with toys for the little boy, insulting him by suggesting he was a Muslim Terrorist “I had a little boy with me, and teddy bears etc were visible on the top of my bag”. And he gets into a plaintive rant about all the Muslim terrorists being Pakistani, Arabs, North Africans, yet the stupid Germans took HIM, the loving moderate Turkish Muslim for a Terrorist…..etc. “we are asking for trouble from the Germans if we SHOW we are Muslims…we have to be Muslim on the inside” etc. 

This persuades her to abandon her Head Scarf.

She is on the way to “see reason”, and become a good muslima but not show it too much as her innate German fanaticism had tempted her to do.

Then there are the obligatory few side-characters who are really “intolerant, racist, bad and stupid” (even attacking TOLLLLLERANT Germans) and yes, you guessed it: the baddies and stupidos were Germans. 

While the Islamisation of Germany might have had the seeds in the earlier large influx of Turkish Guest Workers, it took flight in this – seemingly stupid – but in fact VERY manipulative Soap. There were soppy side stories, again where the actors represented the good, brave, intelligent, integration-willing “refugees”. 

In the countries I live in, there is the equivalent of manipulative propaganda, often aimed by their time-slots and level of intelligence  at children/adolescents and the more gullible adults. 

Suffering from Islamo-Nausea, I find these means as, if not more dangerous than the “out-there” islamist, because they administer the poison slowly, and sugar-coated to the “masses”. 

Update 3

I'm a big fan of Robert Spencer and feel like a little bragging right now, since Jihad Watch picked up the story :)


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