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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bananas = Haram under Islam?

I did think that Bananas were Halal and I'm sure Muslimas like bananas too....but tough luck.....however, let no-one tell me again, that Muslims cannot be funny....

Authentic assertions made on the National Broadcaster of Australia, the ABC,  in all seriousness by their resident "expert" on Islam and ideal star as she ticked all the boxes that would grant her a no-questions-asked cushy job: she was Muslim, she was brown and she was female.  Happily, she is gone to Londonistan, hopefully never to return to these happy shores.  

Well, am I glad I'm not a member of this "most feminist Religion". The American pro-ISIS Muslima and Jihadi-de-Service, Linda Sarsour who described her Prophet Mohamed as a "Feminist", seriously !!! and led the New York anti-Trump "feminist march" actually wanted to cut off the vaginas of Hirsi Ali (*) and Brigitte Gabriel...some feminist. 

And now: Bananas and Music !

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