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Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Devolution of Germany - A Metaphor

Credit: CEN

Superficially, this  may be on the tabloidy side, some less generous folk might even label it a  "freak show", but as a near  perfect metaphor for the devolution of Germany, it packs a punch...don't you think? 

German Flight attendant-turned-glamour model Martina Big - who identifies as a black woman after she had tanning injections - has now claimed that her hair has become 'naturally African'.

The 29-year-old, from Germany, originally spent over £50,000 ($70,000) on plastic surgery for her massive 70S (UK cup size 32S) breasts, which are thought to be the largest in Europe.

Martina then decided that she wanted to stretch her extreme look even further, and began the controversial transformation to 'become black' - explaining that she would get 'darker and darker and see what the limits are'.

She now identifies as a black woman, having made use of a new medical procedure in America that darkened her skin tone with three melanin-boosting injections.

But as well as the change in skin colour, Martina has said that her hair's looking pretty different these days, too - claiming she's the proud owner of 'naturally African hair'. 

"I have great news!" Martina wrote on Face book. 

"I was at my African hair dresser to change my extension. 

"After taking out my extension I noticed how much my hair structure of my own hair has changed. 

"I compared my own hair with the hair of the other Africans in the salon. They are identical."

She added: "That's the clear proof that I'm a real black woman now".

Credit: CEN

In the post she also said that some fans ask her who her black female role model is, to which she said: "I do not have a solid, black role model. I just want to unfold my own black beauty", explaining that her transformation has been 'an internal one' that has changed her whole body.

"The change in my skin colour was the fastest to see," Martina continues. "Then the change in my hair colour and eyebrow colour. Then the eye colour changed. Then I clearly felt how my feelings changed. Then I saw how my hair structure changed more and more.

"These are just a few examples of the most obvious changes. Many of my changes are very slow, but continuous. If my transformation continues to be so good, I will soon be identical to other black women. 

"You can not imagine it is a great feeling to become more and more a black woman."

She concluded her message by simply saying she's very 'proud and happy'...  (my bolds)

Featured Image Credit: CEN


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