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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Movie Time: Ode to an Armenian Grand Father

To my Canadian and American friends: I can reassure you, the world will not end today, as it's already tomorrow in OZ. ;)

This is a touching little movie by a French film-maker, Gérard Boyadjian (born and brought up in Paris France) who is currently prosecuted in France for a film we are going to sub-title soon. We will tell you that story then.

For now enjoy this delightful Ode to an Armenian Grand Father: 


  1. beautiful and very touching
    Thank you
    checked out his recent film

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you. You will hear more of and from this cineast in the near future. I'm about to sub-title one of his latest short films, and he also has recorded a 'cris du coeur', lamenting the death of free speech in France, the supposed country of "Human Rights".