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Friday, 26 January 2018

A Love Song for Merkel and some German Humour

This posturing and virtue signalling by the "second worst German chancellor" as some describe Angela Merkel in this video has so incensed me today, that, after my initial hesitation, I have translated the parody of a "Love-Song to Angela Merkel". 

First though this hypocrisy personified, which insults the intelligence of anyone who has walked upright for longer than one generation. 

Thanks to VladTepes for the Subtitling and to Anton for the translation:

The following song is a parody on one of the "greatest German hits" of the sixties. I don't think Otto Waalkes, the singer (one of my favourite German comedian/writers/actors/wits) has necessarily written it for Merkel, but it works. 

Here is my favourite sketch by Otto Waalkes, where he does "his thing" at one of  Madame Tussaud's Wax Museums. So many years later this one has me still rolling on the floor and  I don't think it needs sub-titling...:D

And here is the 1965 Nilsen Brothers Hit  "Aber dich gibts nur einmal für mich" which inspired the "Love song for Angela  Merkel": 


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