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Friday, 5 February 2016

A "Multi-Faith" Australian "Prayer Room"

Great little video illustrating how "multi-faith prayer room", in fact, means  "mosque". From the "thinking-aloud-department": Do mosques generate even more public funding when disguised as "multi-faith-prayer rooms"? Or is it a question of spelling and those mosques in disguise should be called "multi-faced" ? 


Vladtepes , where I found this little slice of Multiculturalism at work in Australia, adds following comments to this video: 

This video is as I found it except for two alterations I made. One is that I leveled the audio so you can hear each person a little better than in the original. I also tried to make the audio a little clearer for ease of listening. For some, this might seem grating and for others, a little better than the Facebook original.

The second alteration was that  I added a freeze frame of the sign at the door, as the original video has them going by it so quickly that the fact that it says: “Multi-Faith prayer room” clearly on the entrance can be lost on the viewer. so I emphasized that aspect of it.

The original is from Facebook at this link.

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