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Sunday, 14 February 2016

French Resistance in Paris 11.2.2016 (Part 1)

The Trocadéro esplanade, named the "Parvis des Libertés et des Droits de l’Homme" (Freedom and Human Rights Square) saw some 300 Parisians braving the cold in  support of  a demonstration organised in the wake of the 6th February at short notice bSIEL before the General Piquemal went back on his word and gave into the pressures of towing the government line “Illegal Immigrants are lovely, patriots are bad m'kay blabla". Christine Tasin speaks in defence of PEGIDA against the rather defamatory comments made by the General after leaving his Road to Damascus and taking the  road down all the way to denial.

While there are other inspiring speeches that can be seen here in the original, (we we will subtitle at least the one by Pierre Cassens very shortly) this one, by Christine Tasin, President of Résistance Républicaine, can be considered as an (intermediate?) closing statement regarding the hope that General Piquemal gave to the French patriots, only to smash that hope shortly afterwards.

Place du Trocadero, one of my favourite places in Paris is  also one of the windiest places in the city of (dimming?) Lights.

And yes, I know, there are more polished renditions of the French National Anthem, but, increasingly,  I prefer the  rawness of Authenticity.

Vive l'Europe Vive La France

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