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Monday, 15 February 2016

Merkel and Obama versus Putin ?

I truly truly loath "the Sounds of Music" but the Idyll of Merkel and Obama frolicking in my native mountains  practically cries out for that kind of Schmaltz.


I found the following  video, published on 12. February, 2016 on  Face of a Dying Nation with this rather worrying introduction: 

"The recent large-scale transports of US military supplies and heavy weaponry in convoys over the German Autobahn have been purposefully hidden from the public. Eyewitness footage shows dozens of trucks on their way to barracks where most likely joint combat exercises against Russia were held. None of this was reported past local media and even there the total number of vehicles was understated, an entire second convoy denied and heavy weaponry hidden in photos.

I used to say: "the more I see of Obama, the more I like Putin", perhaps I should change that into: "the more I see of Putin, the less I like Obama". 

In this video, published  some time ago, on Oct 6, 2015, Putin explains how Obama would like to paint Russia as the bad guys but that it was, in fact, Obama who created ISIS.


I think I can now honestly say:  "The more I see of Putin, the more I like him", have a look at this one :)

As for Obama, well I let these folk below wait for him and, in due course, bestow the honour on (or is it "upon"? him, that he deserves....

PS: here is a  lengthy interview with  Vladimir Putin, recorded in September last year; I saw the first hour and found it fascinating. I have not yet watched part two, but if it keeps the promise of part 1, it will be worth watching. 


  1. Putin is playing Obama like a fiddle, I just pray that he won't push so hard that even Obama can't back down.

    1. Hi Richard, I wish that someone would have pushed Obama much earlier....out of the White House....or better still : not have pushed him INTO it.