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Sunday, 14 February 2016

PEGIDA FRANCE, the silenced speech

So, they wanted to silence  PEGIDA in France,  (despite all the help that Merkel gets from Face Book and assorted collaborators, Hollande and his accomplices seem to be more efficient in their fight against free speech) but thanks to  Riposte Laique we can still at least "read" the speech that the young président of Pegida France would have given in Calais, had he not been prevented by the enforcers of the "State of Emergency" declared in France after the 13. November massacres, ostensibly to fight islamic terrorism.  As it turns out these emergency powers are mainly used to silence patriots and other dissenting voices.

"Migrants are the vanguard of an army of occupation" 

...writes Loïc Pedriel in Riposte Laique. 

Loïc Perdriel, 25, president of Pegida France, sent us the speech he intended to give in Calais, last Saturday, Feb. 6, if the police of Cazeneuve had allowed him the opportunity ... he was checked several times but released, yet he still ended up with one black eye and the other one burned by tear gas, two bitter memories of the police assault against the protesters.

"French and European Patriots,

The time has come to unite. We have only one homeland. We have only one duty: to unite!

In the face of the enemy and in the middle of whirlwind that carries Europe away today, there is nothing more important, and nothing is allowed, but to bring together our souls, our men and our territories on this 6th February 2016.

We face an organised invasion. In saying this I feel like Cassandra, who sent out a warning before the Trojan Horse was inserted into the City. But I am deeply convinced that we are facing an organized invasion, not a spontaneous movement of so-called migrants or war refugees.

Those who defend migrants speak of compassion and solidarity. With their pitiful slogans of "Refugees welcome" Compassion is justified for the old, the weak, and especially for children.

But the vast majority of these illegal migrants are fit young men, mostly without family.

Consequently the vanguard of an occupation army.

So I ask the question: why do these men not take up arms and fight for the freedom of their country, why do they not fight against the Islamic State?

I'll tell you why.

They come here as conquerors to inculcate us with their traditions and religious ideological fanaticism from another age, which is in total contradiction to our civilization. The wolf has come into the sheep pen; Calais, Cologne, Stockholm and many others are just the beginnings of an organised and announced invasion. All this was caused and brought to us by our politicians.

And now we see the collapse of the classes one after the other. The middle classes are in despair. Hundreds of thousands of lives are destroyed. Hundreds of thousands are bankrupt. And now, the ranks of the unemployed are beginning to swell. One, two, three, four, five six millions! Today they are perhaps seven millions!

How long can this go on for?

We must not believe that freedom, happiness and life are gifts that fell from the sky. Just like our fathers have not received France as a present, but they had to create her themselves.

You can persecute us, you can kill us, we will never surrender!

Long live the patriotic movement and long live France!

Loïc Perdriel
President of Pegida France
Calais, February 6, 2016"

P.S.:  An interesting article about "Military Colonists"


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