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Saturday, 6 February 2016

PEGIDA, Generals and Traitors in CALAIS - updated


A tragi-comedy in 3 Acts made up of  translated extracts from articles by  Pierre Cassen from Riposte Laique and Christine Tasin from Résistance Républicaine who are co-ordinating the European Initiative of PEGIDA in France and one extract from an article by  Paul Le Poulpe (a favourite writer of mine) about the Mayor of Calais.

Act I

On the 3rd February 2016, Pierre Cassen and Christine Tasin tell their readers in a communiqué:

Manifs "Sauvons Notre Pays" interdites à cause des milices antifas! Ca suffit !

Demonstrations "Save our Country" banned because of the antifa militias! Enough already ! 

The pas de deux between the Socialist government and the antifa are really starting to show: The patriots declare an event, the antifa announce a counter-demonstration within the hour at the same place, and the government, through its prefects, bans two initiatives!

We are learning this morning that the manifestation of Calais on 6 February has also been banned by the prefect, for the same reason as that one of Saint-Brieuc. This is an unfair decision, when the manifestation by illegal immigrants and leftists who violently assaulted  residents of Calais and who tagged the statue of General de Gaulle, had been authorised.

Act II

The next day, on the 4th February, in an article by Paul Le Poulpe about the pro-migrant Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart we learn that it was thanks to her, who favours the illegal invaders of the so-called "Jungle" over the Calaisians, that the French patriots were banned from marching in their own streets.

Pro Migrant Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart

Interviewed Thursday morning on France Inter, Natacha Bouchart, the Republican Mayor of Calais, boasted of being the one who had asked Bernard Cazeneuve (Interior Minister) to ban the manifestation by PEGIDA France, this Saturday February 6th.

She moaned that these gatherings would generate 'too much hate'.

The mind boggles. Her city has 10,000 illegal immigrants ( real numbers) imposed on it, mostly single men who, on a daily basis,  assault police, truck drivers and Calaisiens, yet the hatred and disturbances to public order, according to the duo Cazeneuve-Bouchart, would be caused by a few dozen, perhaps one or two hundred whistle blowers, who would have come to support the people of this city.

Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve

One could not find a better example of   contempt for the French people. 

You will note in the interview that this mayor did not have one word for the people of his occupied city, and only talked about the plight of the illegal immigrants.

She dared dismissing the words of the president of Médecins du Monde, who had explained that every woman settled in the Jungle had been sexually violated , and only  warmly praised the 'cultural richness' that the newcomers would bring to Calais.

And it is this hideous woman, bloated with power, having accepted and encouraged the presence of 10,000 intruders in his city, who boasts of having been instrumental to Cazeneuve banning a gathering of patriots because it would sow hatred!

Some revolutions have started for less than that!

Paul Le Poulpe


A happy update by Pierre Cassen and Christine Tasin: 

The General Piquemal has just issued a superb communiqué, announcing his arrival in Calais and his revulsion at the prefectural ban. Read it below:

By decision of the Interior Minister, the event scheduled for the 6 February in CALAIS has been banned for two reasons:

- The organisation is attributed to Pegida France (an organisation considered right of the extreme right) which, according to political authorities , represents significant risks and could cause disturbances to public order.

-   The State of Emergency (declared in France since the terrorist attacks of the 13 November) does justify the banning of risky demonstrations.

Despite this arbitrary and abusive measure , and particularly because of the large number of expected participants as well as costs incurred, we maintain our apolitical participation, which will be in orderly, calm and disciplined de rigeur among " old troops "; I'll be physically present.

There will be in our ranks some vulnerable people (women, children, elderly and / or disabled) and it is therefore no question at any time, to confront the police otherwise than in friendship. Precise instructions have been issued and security personnel will ensure their implementation.

So, confident in the future course of our action I urge all patriots and patriotic associations to join us.

The more we are, the more we will be credible and able to put pressure on the politicians in power so that they take into account the will and sovereignty of the People.

Let us close ranks, let us remain STANDING so that France can live!

In us, hope must survive! From the depths of our nation a flame will always spring that nothing and no one, can ever put out!


General of the Army Corps (2s) Christian PIQUEMAL, President of the Circle of "Citizen-Patriot"


UPDATE 7. 2. 2016

The brutal arrest of General Christian Piquemal by Cazeneuve's Riot Police:

I'm tempted to suggest that the brutality used on this retired, 76 y.o. French General is in direct inverse proportion to the decency and patriotism of those who gave this cowardly order. 


An eyewitness, Mickael Paepe to this malicious charade of "maintaining order" wrote this to  Résistance Républicaine :  

I was at his side when Général Piquemal was brutally arrested

As agreed on the phone with your editor in chief, I herewith testify to what I saw at the event this February 6, 2016 in Calais.

I live this city, today devastated forever. I want to note that this is the first time that such police personnel and such repressive means have been deployed to a demonstration which was entirely peaceful.

At the last demonstration by migrants, No-Borders and antifa, these means were not used, while the statue of General (De Gaulle) was tagged, vehicles were damaged, and the port invaded, with hundreds of illegal intrusions into a ferry.

This time we had two water cannon trucks on site as well as many police personnel. Despite the absence of provocation on our part, CRS (Riot Police) attacked us with tear gas; we were charged with it three times.
General Piquemal, who was about to leave the demonstration after a call to the protesters to disperse, was arrested with incredible violence.

I was with him, I was brutally pushed  against the barriers, a man in his fifties, who was standing next to me, was knocked to the ground, falling and hitting his head forcefully on the pavement.

About twenty people were arrested and taken away by bus.I myself was taken to the side and arrested for a short while. A CRS (riot police) took my name and date of birth. After 15 minutes, I was released.

We then went in a small group (about thirty people) towards the police station to demand the release of General Piquemal. But when we arrived, a large number of police were waiting for us. Two water cannons had been brought there, the police barricaded their entrance doors and CRS (Riot Police) were positioned outside the doors.
After about 45 minutes of waiting, we left after the CRS had threatened us with arrest.

I note that the Cazeneuve (Minister of Interior) police are allowing migrants to attack Lorry drivers, police and Calaisiens with impunity, while uncompromisingly rebuking a hero of the nation, General Piquemal, and the nation’s patriots.

This is further evidence that the country is run by traitors.

Mickael Paepe

And here is the interview the General gave just before he was arrested. Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna (where you also can find the transcript) introduces it:

French Four-Star General, Just Before His Arrest: “France is Dying”

As reported in last night’s news feed, yesterday’s French PEGIDA demonstration in Calais was banned by the government out of fear that it would provoke violence. But it went ahead anyway, and a retired army general was arrested for participating in it.

But this wasn’t just any general — this was General Christian Piquemal, the former commander of the Foreign Legion. Immediately before his arrest, Gen. Piquemal gave an interview to “Boulevard Voltaire”, a French online journal.
Thank you Vladtepes for the sub-titling.   

UPDATE 8. 2. 2016


(France 7.15 am Monday 8. February 2016) 

Christine Tasin, President of Résistance Républicaine calls on  everyone to demonstrate before the Court of Boulogne sur Mer today, Monday, at 12 o'clock French time, in support of the General Piquemal, former head of the Foreign Legion and former president of the National Union of Paratroopers. The general, arrested brutally in Calais on Saturday is due to appear before that court, together with 5 other people (among them Loic Perdriel, French representative of PEGIDA).

"Please circulate this message on your social networks"... 

... writes Christine Tasin 

I will be updating this thread shortly with another video (still in translation) that shows the "arrest" and the lead-up to it exactly. It will show that the General was leaving in accordance with the official call to disperse, when he was jumped on and arrested.




  1. L’offensive islamique en Europe: un Têt numéro 2 ?

    Cet article a été publié pour la première fois en anglais en Novembre 2015. Quiconque oserait publier cette traduction en France serait presque certainement attaqué en justice. Ce texte représente en effet un archétype “d’incitation à la haine” selon la définition imposée par le Politiquement Correct régnant actuellement en France. Plusieurs personnes ont déjà été lourdement condamnées pour des textes bien moins musclés que celui-ci.

    Les lecteurs sont fortement encouragés à diffuser le lien menant à cet article à tous leurs contacts francophones (transmettre un lien ne vous fait courir aucun risque juridique).

    Texte rédigé par Matthew Bracken, novembre 2015

    Alors que le nouvel an approche à grands pas, nous assistons aux préludes du dernier round d’une lutte titanesque entre trois grands acteurs. Trois grandes forces à l’œuvre dans nos sociétés vont droit à l’affrontement en 2016 et leur confrontation sera comparable, en termes historiques, aux Première et Seconde Guerres Mondiales.

    Deux de ces grandes forces qui travaillent nos sociétés ont formé une coalition de fait contre la troisième. Elles ont forgé une entente tacite dont le but est l’annihilation totale de la force la plus faible tant que leurs puissances combinées sont assez puissantes pour le faire. Une de ces forces agissantes est prête à partager le contrôle d’une grande partie du monde avec l’autre force à l’œuvre au sein de nos sociétés. Une de ces forces n’a qu’un seul but : la domination totale de la planète entière. Quelles sont donc ces trois forces que nous venons de décrire ? Ce sont l’islam, le socialisme internationaliste et le nationalisme.

    Permettez-moi d’expliquer les aspects les plus significatifs de chacun de ces acteurs, ainsi que la façon dont ils participent du cataclysme à venir en 2016.


  2. Here is the link to Gates of Vienna which gives a link to the English version of a very interesting essay, and, as always with Gates of Vienna, the comments are worth reading too.