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Friday, 19 February 2016

"Free Palestine" by any other name would smell as bad...

"...From the river to the sea
Palestine will be free..."

The stench of this moronic BDS doggerel, intoned during their often violent and blatantly racist demonstrations,  stinks to high heaven. It is the most vulgar  Jew Haters' "poetic" version of the HAMAS doctrine which even in its preamble threatens with nothing less than the full destruction of Israel:

"...Israel will exist and will continue to exist

until Islam will obliterate it,

just as it obliterated others before it..."

(from the Preamble of the Hamas charter) 

Below  is an extract of a speech given in London by the formidable Caroline Glick whom I see as a future prime Minister of Israel in the style of Golda Meir . I have posted the speech in its entirety before, but I think this part deserves re-posting now that nearly the whole political leadership of the West seem to have been re-infected with this mutant virus that is Jew Hatred, this time dressed up as the hysterically distorted "cause of Palestine".


CALLING the diminishing number of political Western Leaders who have still not fully sold out and still have a spark of decency within them:  

!!! WAKE UP !!!  



And here is part of a delightfully satirical TV program, Latma TV,  produced by Caroline Glick.



Just found this on Israel-Thrives



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