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Monday, 8 February 2016

Pegida - Calais - the Aftermath


After being arrested rather brutally on the 6th February in Calais, the Colonel spent one night in the cells and one night in hospital because of health problems. Following this ordeal he appeared on French State media (eg RTL) who basically promote the narrative of the socialist Hollande Government,  a very unreliable and hostile witness where the reality of "the French people" is concerned, (to put it mildly). In these strange interviews and editorials, the colonel basically seemed to give out a message fully contradicting what he said during the manifestation.  

The theories of the Colonel's apparent U-turn abound, some talking about pills that might have been administered to him which were not "sleeping pills", others talk about possible black-mail or threats to his family, I will hold my horses until such time that reliable information emerges, which I know will not come from the media that  went through Goebbels style schools of journalism.

Meanwhile I will start my take on the "aftermath of Calais 6. 2. 2016" with the translation of an interview recorded by Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laique with Loïc Perdriel, president of PEGIDA France, and organiser of the protest held in Calais on the 6. February.

Pierre Cassens

Pierre Cassens writes iRésistance Républicaine:

48 hours after the demonstration in  Calais, we finally have news from  the organiser, Loïc Perdriel. His testimony on the event and police assaults that have marked it, is more than telling.

Riposte Laïque : You have  initiated the demonstration of Calais, and had announced your intention to be there, even if it was banned. Why this decision?

Loic Perdriel : We do not accept that the only ones  who do not have the right to demonstrate in Calais are the  patriots, while the "No Borders" and other invaders have all rights, without ever asking for permission. So I  had to respect my commitments and my convictions. As president of France Pegida and organiser of the event,  I had to be exemplary.  It was our  duty  to be present, and to show that this city does not belong to what looks like an army of occupation. 

Riposte Laïque : What has happened, then, for you this Saturday in Calais?

Loïc Perdriel : I was spotted early on. I went through repeated identity checks, including on the road before arriving. I had to sign a paper confirming my presence at this prohibited gathering. At 1 pm,  in front of the Calais Railway Station, we were at least 400. We launched some slogans like "France for the French", "Journalists=Collaborators", "It's our home (on est chez nous)" "Migrants outside." 

Then General Piquemal  arrived. He had a big entourage. He gave an interview in which he explained to the reporter that he was outraged the military bash  French citizens , and that they should be ashamed to obey such orders. At the end of his interview, the General asked the protesters to disperse, which everyone was preparing to do. That's when he was charged suddenly and scandalously. 

I was beside the General, I took a violent blow to the face, and I was sprayed with copious amounts of tear gas by a Riot Police man (CRS), who had no reason to hound me like this.  I was totally blinded, and I was saved from certain arrest by two activists from the South, who have  quickly taken care of me and extracted me  the demonstration.

Riposte Laïque : What is the nature of your injury now?

Loïc Perdriel :
On the right I have a beautiful black eye which is almost completely closed, and my left eye is very much burnt, thanks to the Riot Police man. 
This is very inconvenient and somewhat painful, but there is worse.

Riposte Laïque : What is your state of mind vis-à-vis the police?

Loïc Perdriel : Before I always was supporting the police of my country, when they  were assaulted by migrants or other invaders (I like that word). Now that is  over. I will never again  have any respect vis-à-vis  security forces like those I saw in action this Saturday. The worst can happen to them,  I won't  care. I will never forget February 6, 2016.

Riposte Laïque : What lessons have you learnt from  these past 2 weeks, between your application for authorisation, its prohibition, your arrest and the consequences it will entail? More determined than ever?

Loïc Perdriel : In these two weeks we have had the evidence that France applies double standards for those who like us follow the rules, applying for authorisation and those those who cause damage and assaults without  filing for a license application. Things are clear, we now  know that this government is against the French people, and on the side of  migrants and their supporters.

I had planned to conclude my speech in Calais, with these words: 

"How long can this last? We must not believe that freedom, happiness and life are gifts that fall from the sky into our laps.  Nor have our fathers  received France as a gift but  they too had to create her themselves. You can persecute us, kill us, we will never surrender. Long live the patriotic movement and long live France. "


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