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Friday, 26 February 2016

Drinking Camel Pee for Allah

Last October we  posted about the "Imam of Brest (France) teaching the children of France that a love for Music will turn them into  Apes and Monkeys you may remember the video: 

Well this time this same Imam is promoting the duty and joy of  emulating  his "prophet" by imbibing Camel Pee for allah. The video and the introduction were published in French  by the  Observatoire de l'islamisation  and I thank Vlad Tepes for the sub-titling and the title. 

Imam Rashid Abu Houdeyfa is the Imam of the Sunni mosque of Brest (in FRANCE)  and heads the Islamic Cultural Centre of Brest (CCIB), a member of the French Council of the Muslim Faiths (CFCM)! He  has 198,000 Muslims who like him on Face book, so he  is perfectly representative of practising Muslims.

He also directs the school Al Amana which   "offers a course of study for children (5-15 years) spread over 4 levels: kindergarten, beginners, intermediate, advanced.". The socialist Town Hall of Brest issued the building permit for this school (Le Telegramme), and the Interior Ministry of France considers this as a "nothing-to-see-here-moving-right along" matter.  

Lambasting Islam in the media, while  continuing to support it locally in order to keep the Muslim vote is the cynical strategy of the PS (Socialist Party),  a strategy which is described in a survey of 320 pages "These mayors who are courting Islamism". (Tatamis Publishing, 2015).

If you wonder what "drinking camel pee for Allah" is all about: this is how it is   reported in an authentic tradition (Hadith Sahih) of Bukhari and Muslim:

"The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم ordered them to follow the camels and to drink their milk and urine. This is what they did until the recovery of their health. "Narrated by al-Bukhari 7: 590 

Another source for Sharia says that, according to  Anas ibn Malik (companion of the Prophet): 

"...people from `Urayna came to Medina to find the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم and as they had bad stomach pains, the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم  told them: "If you agree, go drink milk and urine of camels of charity."  (source)

So, what's a good muslim to do, but  emulate the "prophet":

Call me "picky" but if I ever had  been inclined to kiss the likes of the imam, I certainly would not have felt like it after seeing this. These people who seem to invade Bavaria by the tens of thousands  as we speak will not feel very happy in the city of the Oktoberfest which boasts the best beer  in the world, not to speak of these cleavage-enhancing Dirndls: 

P.S. ;) 

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