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Thursday, 25 February 2016

RAPE is better than RAAACISM (The Left)

"Mesdames, laissez-vous violer par les migrants, cela ne dure que 30 secondes" (Ladies, let yourselves be  raped by the migrants, it takes only 30 seconds)...writes Christine Tasin in Riposte Laique introducing an article  which I translate below:  

This ^^^ is the pamphlet which is circulating  on the Internet and in the city of Munich, Germany, together with the hash tag #refugeeswelcome and #antifa.

The scandalous leaflet is allegedly coming from the   immigrationnists, anti-racists, anti-fascists, who had the very alarming bad taste to broadcast it . The sordid and moralising Delirium of these people has  reached the abyss of abjection. Before there was the cannon fodder to fight the invasion,  on offer now  is the pleasurable flesh to support the invasion!

The message is clear: if mass immigration brings with it grave consequences, including rape, it must still be accepted  because it helps to combat racism! 

It is a straying into something that nobody has yet dared to claim explicitly, but that has by now  a large audience on the social networks of the German Left and among the  administrators of various political pages. Because to be frank, German  politicians, worried about public order, will have to force  their wives and daughters to bear the consequences of this immigrationary  invasion. 

But even more seriously: this thought seems to be accepted by a part of the German people, the accursed people, the greatest losers  of the Second World War, overwhelmed by an eternal and generational shame, a people who  maintains a very weird  relationship with its identity condemning  any hint of regeneration and rebirth. In some sections of the ultra-left society, this  identity must even  disappear from the face of the earth.

Message heard in other European countries and already put into practise: In Italy, a  33 year old Tunisian,  a cocaine dealer, Montasser Ayari, kidnapped, held prisoner and violated a young 16 y.o. girl for many hours in an apartment managed by the municipality. The judge of Bologna decided that  6 years of detention were sufficient. The prosecutor had requested seven years and two months. This ridiculous sentence goes with that German leaflet.

Spouses, brothers, cousins, friends, show yourself welcoming  and hospitable: Give your wives, your daughters, your cousins, your girl friends as a welcome gift to the newcomers and sacrifice them  on the altar of anti-racism so that  you will  cultivate the essential virtue of our beautiful angelic time, the heroic solidarity with all the world's misery. 

You will be  heroes, they will be the willing  Iphigenias in the fight against racism, [which is] the primordial, existential, civilisational  struggle, a  quasi divine struggle in these times of impiety and collective betrayals.

Update 29. 2.  2016:

Researching further I now found out that the leaflet was apparently designed by someone as 'satire' and posted on their face book page.

I will still let the picture and the translated article stand because  I believe  that they represent indeed,  even though  expressed in a confronting way, the "philosophy" behind the attitudes of many among the euphemistically named  "Welcome Culture"  especially of those from the extreme Left,  Antifa, No Borders etc. 

Here is just one example of the increasing madness which made the above message very believable. It's the original Apology from a German gang rape victim, porte-parole  for "Linksjugend Solid" , a socialist Left group of the Refugees-Welcome movement, to her  'refugee' rapists, in German. You can find an English translation here.



  1. Bout the time you think the Islamist enablers can't get any more disgusting .... they get more disgusting.

  2. It's obvious that Europe has gone full tilt crazy. I would like to ask Christine Tasin if she is willing to sacrifice herself on the altar of diversity.

    1. Hi june.
      Christine Tasin was being very ironic. She is one of the bravest women in France, openly fighting against the islamisation of her country and working tirelessly at saving France. She has many death threats from the islamists and islam-enablers and is even getting sued by the very socialist and corrupt French Government.
      For all who can read French, her site "Résistance Républicaine" and the site "Riposte Laique" are full of information.

    2. Thank you for the clarification.

  3. SO…let your daughters get raped, and keep your mouths shut!! We don’t want to upset the poor poor muslim savages!

    Believe me, I think it’s time Europeans start arming themselves and protecting their wives, and daughters.

    This is coming to America, and we do carry weapons.

    Just a warning savages!!

  4. Surely this is a joke?

  5. These women suffer long after a rape occurs. This is beyond disgusting.

  6. @ Anonymous
    While I dont know the original site where this article appeared well, having seen what is happening in Merkel's Germany right now - e.g. they are concentrating their "investigation" regarding the New Years Eve mass sexual assaults in Germany on "the source who LEAKED the information on the assaults" - a source which should be considered rather with gratitude in a normal world - I would not be surprised. The so-called "pro-refugee" movements like Antifa, Sans Borders etc. are very anti-West, often violent and thoroughly without scrupules. As to their "morality" I will rather not even comment on that one.

    I shall keep a keen eye out and should the above pamphlet have been created by others than the ones whose names appear below, I shall certainly post an update here.

    1. @ Anonymous. Please see my update.

  7. Rape scarred my sister for life. No excuses ever ever

  8. whoever wrote this slogan is seriously sick in the head

  9. @ Anonymous: Unfortunately it reflects the mindset of quite a few. :(

  10. I'm a swedish woman who have been through honorrelated violence and rape. It's over 30 years since it happened but I remember it as it happened yesterday. Please watch my film "The Bath Towel" on youtube, you find it on www.youtube.com/fidelina66

    A rape is a nightmare that never ever leave you.

  11. Vote for progressives and get raped!