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Friday, 19 February 2016

Merkel's Muslims and their Sexual Emergencies

This video may seem, at first sight, just some "islamophobic" (*) migrant bashing with pornographic overtones. It is far from it. The publisher "Black Pigeon Speaks" is publishing confronting, but well researched and sourced material.  I do not know him, but I will certainly post more of his thought provoking work in the near future. 

For the time being I could not find any musical ingredient that would complete this post, so a couple of "before" and "after" pictures will have to do instead, with the implied question: "which one would you rather be?"  



Bathing Islamic Style
A bearded one and his fully veiled "Field"

"Your wives are as fields for you. You may enter your fields from any place and whenever you want." (Coran, 2:223)

(*) The late Christopher Hitchens' Definition of the word: "Islamophobia": 

“a word created by Fascists, 
used by Cowards
to manipulate Morons”

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