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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Al Jazeera's M.O. unveiled by Tommy Robinson

The tax-payer funded  media in Australia i.e. the ABC and SBS have basically become Al-Jazeera-Down-Under. So uncritically and massively do they source not only the material, but also the tone from this Islamic propaganda chain, that they often even out-al-jazeera Al Jazeera itself. As do the BBC- Mohamed is our Prophet (U.K.),  DW (Germany), RTL/AFP (France) to mention but a few. Often the ABC/SBS do not even bother any longer to identify their source with the little Al Jazeera icon on the bottom of the screen.  

And they do influence the thinking of  formerly  decent folk of at least an average intelligence. I hear neighbours and acquaintances who think it "de rigueur" to "inform" themselves via the once respectable Public Broadcaster give me the verbatim   narrative I would expect from Pallywood or even from the mouths of Adolf Erdogan and the Ayathollas themselves. 

Well, while political bias (I'm not too objective myself ;)) and the propagandist narrative from an anti-Western perspective are one thing, this little Gotcha-moment has lifted yet another of the 7 veils off  Islamic deception. 

Guess where I found this little gem? 
Yes you guessed it. I told you before: Vlad is always worth a visit. 

Tommy Robinson!!!

 we the people

 wir das Volk

nous le peuple 

we love you!

wir lieben Dich!

nous t'aimons ! 

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