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Monday, 22 February 2016

Arabs murder yet another Jewish Hero


Yes I cried ...on this nearly perfect Australian summer morning when, after seeing the  picture below  on my screen,  I read that the handsome young Israeli Jew, father of the baby, husband for less than 2 years of that beautiful young woman had been murdered, massacred, by your common issue of Arab/Muslim/ terrorists, euphemistically referred to by the English BBC, the French RTL and the Australian ABC and SBS as "Palesteeenian Teeens". 

By tonight, my sadness from this morning  has morphed into frustrated anger: Will Jews ever learn that  keeping on "tending the other cheek"  will make you  run out of cheeks? ! Because this murdering vermin are , ( as I understand at the time of angrily penning this), yet again, looked after in an ISRAELI hospital ..........these most nasty of Humpty Dumpties are being put together , yet again....what for?...  to do some more Jew-killing?

 The Jerusalem Post  reports:

...“...You didn’t have a gun, but still you ran [toward the attackers] without thinking twice,” Yael Weissman said in a tear-filled voice as she stood by her husband’s freshly filled grave at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl Military Cemetery on Friday morning. “You are a true hero.”

Tuvia Yanai Weissman, 21, was killed Thursday while trying to stop two Palestinian teenage terrorists from stabbing shoppers at a Rami Levy supermarket in Sha’ar Binyamin.

Addressing hundreds of mourners, Yael described how she and her husband had been in another part of the store with their infant daughter Netta when the teenagers pulled out knives.

“I always knew that if something happened you would be the first person to respond,” Yael said.

Her husband of almost two years, whom she called by his middle name of “Yanai” had been a combat sergeant in the IDF’s Nahal Brigade and was only able to be with his family on weekends.

“Yesterday, we went shopping so that when you returned to the army on Sunday you would know that Netta and I had everything we needed and that nothing was missing,” Yael said. “You were always like that. Whenever you were with us during the weekends you did everything you were not able to do during the week when you were away.”

At times, as she stood at the podium, she cried so hard it was difficult for her to speak, particularly as she recalled their last moments in the Sha’ar Binyamin Industrial Zone outside of Jerusalem, where the supermarket is located.

“We came to the supermarket. We were together. You were worried the whole time about Netta and made sure she stayed close to me,” she said. “Then, in one moment, everything happened. We heard there had been a stabbing and even though you did not have any weapons, you ran to help without thinking twice.

“I was not able to stop you and I am not sorry. If you had not raced there [to help], you would not be the Yanai that I know, the one I fell in love with,” she added. “I waited for you to return to me and Netta, I waited for you to hug us and say that everything was fine and that you had succeeding in stopping the terrorists. We waited a long time and you did not return.”...

Looking for a video, I found this:

"I woke up this morning to this tragic news.

My soul weeps

Just had to make this video..

Elchanan Baruch Berkovitz"


I recommend you also to read the blog of Arlene from Israel

And please, STOP mending  these nasty mutations issued from the centuries old petri dish of  inbreeding, stop restoring and enabling them  to do it all again, stop believing that good deeds will not be punished, start surviving for good, the world needs you not them!.

PS: oh, and don't think of it as "only in Israel" or "only against the Jews", it's coming to a neighbourhood next to you, soon, unless it's already there?  


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